Sound Bath & Interactive Meditation

To Bring Forth New Intentions
with Laura Kellogg
Saturday, June 1

Investment: $30/ $25 Monthly members
Do you have certain desires whose fulfillment you wish to access?  Do you desire fulfillment in personal well-being, career, relationship, creativity?  In this sound healing event, we will begin by discussion and work on accessing the desires of our hearts through learning a meditative process to calm the body, slow the mind and access our own creative process.  Event participants will be guided to access deep parts of the subconscious where, using a crystal bowl Sound Bath we will cultivate desires of the heart.  Following the sound bath all participants will have the opportunity and are encouraged to share and process their experience.  To support your process, journaling is encouraged in the introductory and processing portions of the event.  People with all levels of experience in meditation are encouraged to attend, as no matter how experienced or non-experienced, all will benefit. 
What to bring/use:

  • Yoga attire, water

  • Journal, pen/pencil

  • Yoga mat

Part 1 – 30 minutes: introduce the meditative technique and personal query of the desires of the heart
Part 2 - 1 hour: Sound Bath
Part 3 - 30 minutes: Processing, sharing, integration

Laura Kellogg is a certified Sound Healing practitioner, with the objective to facilitate wellbeing in the body and mind of the individual. She is also certified in Journey Dance, a contemplative dance process that utilizes music, dance and the chakra system.  Prior to her sound healing path Laura completed an Undergraduate and Master’s degree in Geology; thereby fortifying Laura’s scientific understanding of Sound Healing.  Laura’s interests in sound healing include chanting, meditation, achieving healthy states of consciousness, and understanding the effect of sound on the human energy system and body.  Laura facilitates Sound Baths that are grounding and healing through the use of the frequencies of the Crystal Bowls, the use of chant, meditation and intention.  Her music and sound healing take the listener to a deep meditative state where moments of inspiration and healing can be accessed.