Reiki Healing Circle

A Sacred Space to Let Go
with Brenda Kiss
Saturday, June 8

Investment: $30/ $25 Monthly members or if you sign up with a friend
Are you feeling lost, low energy and tired? Looking to reconnect with yourself and become even more grounded? 
Reiki is an amazing energy healing that allows you to let go and quiet your mind. Give yourself this gift to de-stress and release anxiety
Join Us for a morning of Reiki. A day about recentering and recharging. Come relax, learn and experience the power of Reiki. Allow your mind and body and soul to reconnect to leave calm yet energized.

Brenda Kiss is the founder of B KISS, which offers many different services to provide natural healing for the mind, body, and soul. Brenda is a Transformative Neuro Reiki Master, helping your remove fears and limitations to discover your inner wisdom and strength. Allowing you to turn your struggles into miracles. Brenda Kiss is certified NAP and NLP practitioner and a Master Energy Healer - combining a deep understanding of the mind and the power of energy healing to rapidly transform lives.