Breath Awareness

with Campbell from Breatherapy
Saturday, June 29
Investment: $30/ Monthly members $30
We breathe over 20,000 times a day, it is therefore crucial that we do it optimally.
Posture, pain, stress, anxiety all affect the way we breathe, and the way we breathe affects how we feel.

In this comprehensive respiratory workshop, participants will learn how to optimize the respiratory system, how to ensure diaphragm and ribcage mobility, the effects of breathing on physiology, and how to breathe for different outcomes; more energy, better sleep, ‘switching off’, meditation, stress relief. A combination of theory and practical components, participants will also have lots of take home practices. The workshop will finish with a guided breathwork session, achieving a deep meditative state and balance between mind, body and breath.

Campbell is a physical therapist and breath coach, specializing in the Wim Hof Method; a science backed, simple technique to improve health and well-being. He combines his physical therapy knowledge with his passion for breathwork and his workshops are designed to reconnect people with the power of their breath.