Roots Philly Yoga New Schedule and Pricing

We are constantly reevaluating the needs of our students and community in an effort to provide yoga at accessible prices, in a day and age when we need these community spaces for healing and connection more than ever. 

So, we are lowering a few of our packages as an invitation to make this practice more available to you. Beginning November 1, our monthly auto-renew pass will now be $99/month, meaning you can practice as often as you would like and receive discounts on specialty workshops and events. There are no contracts, we merely ask that you commit to a minimum of three months and provide 30 days notice if you should need to cancel your pass.

We are also happy to announce our new Family Pass, for two partners living together who would like to share an unlimited auto-renew pass for $160/month. Please let us know if you would like to enroll in this package and we will send you a link to sign-up! 

Our new student special is being lowered to $39/month --> one unlimited month of yoga for student's first month of practice with us (Tell your friends!) And all new student's will now be invited to attend their first class with us for free before taking advantage of the new student special.

Two additional announcements:

  • Tuesdays and Thursday evening classes are being moved back to the 6:15pm start time beginning tonight. Click to check out our full class schedule.

  • Join us this Saturday with Corey Sokoloff for a workshop on the Chakras, a Journey into Energy and Healing, from 12:30-3:30pm.

    • Are there more than seven Chakras? What are their roles in the process of Yoga?
      This experiential class is designed to expand upon the students knowledge of the chakras, their functions, and the process of yoga.
      Topics covered:

      • The expanded chakra system and their functions (Physiological, Psychological, Spiritual)

      • Levels of Truth

      • Energy Scanning: learn how to scan energy effectively + the effects of right thought, right speech and right action (Yamas & Niyamas) on the chakra system.

      • Simple exercises to cleanse and energize the chakras

      • Guided meditation on the chakras

    • Students can expect a greater understanding into the process of yoga, the chakras, and how “Right Action” is directly correlated. Participants have stated that the positive effects of this workshop lasted for days and weeks, providing much clarity into their lives and spiritual practices.